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SCR888 has a place in every ranked list of top 10 online casinos we come across on the internet, it is no denying that their popularity is at an all time high, one can even say that no online casino in history has even come close to this achievement before. This is certainly a very curious topic for us online gambling reviewers and gaming enthusiasts, so today, we have decided to investigate what makes SCR888 so popular amongst the online casino community, hopefully this study can serve as a guide for developers from other online casinos, and they might just learn a thing or two about running a successful online casino from SCR888.


Quantity Games

Games are your main feature, but everyone knows that. The general model for an online casino would be to cover as much field as possible, meaning an online casino should always move their attention around and never focus on a single type of game, there must be a certain variability to the contents provided at an online casino in order for it to attract people. No one wants to go to a cinema to watch the same movies, some days people prefer horror, some days they want comedy, and other times people wish for drama. An online casino should not be a one trick pony. One look at SCR888 and we are already amazed by the wide selection of games that they provide, they have slot games, fishing games, roulette, poker games, baccarat games, you name it, they already have it. It is no wonder so many people love to visit their casino.


Quality of Games

People keep saying that in order for an online casino to become popular, you must have good games, but what are ‘good games’ exactly? In our opinion, a good game is one that engages with the player. It does not make the player feel like they are playing a game, instead, they immerse the player into the world of the game, thus blending fantasy with reality. After playing a good game, a player should feel exhausted having visited another world as if they are actually, physically there. This type of game is the most addictive, and has the highest entertainment content, for a taste of a great quality game, you can check out Top Gun and Ocean King, a slot game and a fishing game available at SCR888.


Striking a balance

A popular casino should strike a balance between quantity and quality, it should not be biased over any of the aspects. Balance is everything. If an online casino has a great amount of games but all of them are boring to play with, it will not be very successful in the online casino market. Similarly, if the games are good but there are just not that many options for the customer to choose from, people would rather pick other online casino over yours. SCR888 had figured out the formula to hit the sweet spot between quantity and quality, which, we believe, is what makes them so popular amongst the online casino community today.