August 9, 2022
Which one is better? Mega888 versus 918Kiss

Which one is better? Mega888 versus 918Kiss at me88

Which one is better? Mega888 versus 918Kiss

Which one is better? Mega888 versus 918Kiss at me88

Reading online reviews of online casinos is always a good idea in trying to determine which online casino is reliable and which one is not; it is recommended that new players do this before they decide to deposit money to an online casino. There are just as many shady online casinos out there as reputable ones, in every ranked list of online casinos we see we notice the same recurring names. Two examples are Mega888 and 918Kiss, which leaves us to wonder, which one is the better online casino Malaysia? Today, we will find out.



Both online casinos are based in Asia, they are especially popular in southeast asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Both provide a large variety of online games ranging from fishing games and slot games to live table experiences such as poker games, baccarat and roulette. 918Kiss has a mobile site and a desktop site, this is the same for Mega888 as well. You can find the app for both 918Kiss and Mega888 on any play store you choose, be it Apple or Google play store, so this means that both online casinos have the same degree of accessibility for fans. The online software providers that both online casinos partner up with are 80% similar, they include Pussy888 and Playboy. You can learn more about Mega888 at download mega888.



When we compare the concurrent players of both online casinos, we will observe a notable difference between the two. 918Kiss has a slight advantage over Mega888 in terms of daily player count. This is due to the fact that 918Kiss has existed for a longer period of time compared to Mega888. Mega888 might be slightly fresher in the online casino market, but do not let this fact trick you into thinking that the quality of the casino is lower. As mentioned before, since both online casinos draw from the same sources, you can rest assured that both online casinos deliver the same level of entertainment to their patrons. Though we must admit that the slot game collection at 918Kiss is better than that of Mega888, with a selection such as Aladdin, Dolphin Paradise, and Laura, one can say that 918Kiss provides the ultimate slot game experience. Mega888 does have Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland and African Wildlife, but based on our preference, we would choose playing slot games at 918Kiss over Mega888. Mega888 compensates over this by gaining advantage over 918Kiss at the fishing game department, because compared to Mega888’s collection which includes Da Sheng Nao Hai, Li Kui Pi Yu and Ocean King, 918Kiss’ arsenal of fishing games just seem limited. Visit me88 trusted online casino Malaysia to know more about me88.


All in all, it comes down to preference. If you like to play slot games, then 918Kiss is the better choice for you. If you like fishing games, then we would direct you to Mega888. You can download the 918Kiss app from and the Mega888 app from mega888 online. Both are trusted third party sites designed to be used as a download platform for fans who found themselves region locked from accessing the apps from the play stores. We hope you have fun.


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