August 9, 2022
What Are The Odds of You winning in a Lottery?

What Are The Odds of You winning in a me88 Online Casino Lottery?

What Are The Odds of You winning in a Lottery?

What Are Your Chances to Win a me88 Online Casino Lottery?

Many theories are surrounding the best ways to win a me88 trusted online casino Malaysia lottery. Some lottery fans use birthday dates, others use random numbers, yet others believe they have their lucky numbers. However, the truth is that there are as many chances of winning as there are strategies for choosing the numbers. However, you should always remember that in any lottery the odds are overwhelmingly against you.


Winning the Powerball or Mega Millions-The Painful Truth

You still stand a chance of winning the Powerball or the mega millions. However, did you know the chance you stand? Well, you have a 172 million: 1 chance of doing it. So do not lose hope fortune hunter. Lady luck might be around the corner, the far-end corner. While these odds are humongous, it is amazing how many people, particularly in a country like the USA believe that they will win the lottery before they die. A whole third of the US says they need to do it before retirement.


The Comparisons

If you are one of those that believe that you will win the lottery one day, then you better keep off driving cars or flying planes. There is a greater chance of crashing in a plane than winning a lottery. The odds of crashing in a plane stand at 25 million: 1, the situation is worse with cars. Did you know that the odds of dying in a car crash are only 5000:1?


Laughable but True

Did you know that if you are so bent on winning the lottery jackpot, you better stop sleeping on the bed? You stand a chance of dying as a result of falling from your bed by a 2 million to 1 ratio. You also better go for the shower as opposed to baths. You might just die in the bath. You stand an 840, 000 to 1 chance of drowning in the bath. Wait; do not try to be smart either by avoiding cleaning yourself. The chances of dying from skin attacking bacteria as a result of dirt are 1 million: 1.


The Light Side of Things

While you may not like this article for painting a red picture of what the chances of truly winning the lottery are, you do not have to drop your feathers. Some events are more likely to happen and they may come with good fortune. You stand a chance of becoming a movie star. There is a more likely chance of achieving it because if you can beat 1.5 million people going for the same, you might just be the star the world is waiting for.



Indeed, while many may never have known the fact, you stand a 650, 000 to one chance of winning the royal flush in your first poker hand. For the men, you have a handsome chance of dating a supermodel. With 88,000:1 chance of getting the date of your life what would you be doing dreaming about winning the lottery! What was the figure again? Well, 172 million to one chance of winning the lottery. But then again, I remember, you need the money. Try poker at


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