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What would you do if your account on mega888 suddenly gets blocked?


Without a doubt, this is the worst thing you can experience as an online casino player. You log into your account and for whatever reasons, your account on mega888 has been blocked.


What is the first thing to come to the mind? Let’s say your account was blocked with winnings you haven’t withdrawn still inside your account?


In this article, we will take a look at things you should do if your casino account on mega888 gets blocked. Getting your account back is simple, you just have to follow tips we have listed in the next section of this article.


How to unblock your account on mega888


When your account gets blocked on mega888, the first thing you should do is find out…


Why was your account blocked?


Mega888 online casino wouldn’t just block your account, there has to be a reason. You should find out.


There are several conditions that contributed to your account getting blocked, these are the most common.


Understanding the reason why your account was blocked, makes it easier for you when you try to recover your account.


Some of the rationales behind your account getting blocked include



  •     Violation of terms and conditions: Mega888 will flag your account immediately it spots you violated any of its terms and conditions.


When a system detects your account is violating one or more terms and conditions, it gets blocked immediately.


That’s why players on mega888 are always told to always read the terms and conditions of the casino before playing.


  •     Fraudulent Activities: Online casinos will always shun accounts that display any level of fraudulence.


Fraudulent activities vary and it includes activities like providing wrong or fraudulent information when you register on the platform.


Online casinos will detect any type of fraudulent actions on your account and will act accordingly by blocking the account either temporarily or permanently. Depends on the level of offense committed.



  •     Duplicate or multiple accounts: Duplicate or multiple accounts will result in your account getting blocked permanently.


You’re allowed to have just one account on mega888, anything more than one account is a violation and will result in your account getting blocked permanently.


  •     Verification issues: Accounts with verification issues are more likely to get blocked by mega888 online casinos. The only positive thing about verification issues is the fact that the block is temporary.


When you register on mega888, you’re required to verify your identity. If done incorrectly or not done at all, your account will get blocked.


If you have verification issues before making a withdrawal request, your account will also get blocked.


To avoid this, make sure you submit all the required documents needed to verify your account.


  •     Failed login attempts: Multiple failed login attempts is a recipe for getting blocked.


When you try to input the wrong password too many times when logging in to your account, your mega888 profile will get blocked.


The system presumes the failed login attempts is an intruder, and the account will get flagged till you contact customer support.


  •     Underage gambling: Underage gambling is frowned upon on mega888 online casino.


Every state and country has a legal age for gambling. So when you register for an online casino you should be of the legal age unless your account will immediately get blocked.




How to unblock your account on Mega888

Whenever you notice your profile on mega888 is blocked, don’t fret or spaz, just call your customer care.

It is important to remain calm and tell your customer care what the suspected problem is and they will help you recover your account.


If your account was blocked for verification issues, you’ll be expected to submit your document before your account is unlocked.


But, there is a likelihood your profile will be permanently blocked if you violate some important terms and conditions.


Calmly talking to a customer service rep is the first step in getting your account unblocked.