October 7, 2022

SCR888 REVIEW at me88 Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 REVIEW at me88 Online Casino Malaysia


Recently, SCR888 has sparked our interest. Many people we know from the me88 online casino Malaysia community are discussing it, and we want to know why. For those that are not in the know, SCR888 is an online casino that is based in southeast Asia, it is especially dominant in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Today, we will do an official review of SCR888. Let’s get started.


Games – 5/5

When we first took a look at the games, we were very impressed. Not only does SCR888 feature games from Mega888, but also from Newtown Casino and Pussy888 as well, all of our favorite online software providers are here. They have Da Sheng Nao Hai, which we consider to be one of the best fishing games out there. Da Sheng Nao Hai has such an interesting visual design and gameplay mechanic that makes it incredibly outstanding among all of the fishing games that we have reviewed. The slot games at SCR888 are no joke either, with a collection that includes Aztec, Battle World and African Wildlife, SCR888 is undoubtedly unbeatable in terms of providing the best slot games experience. We also tried out some games on SCR888 that we have never heard of before, such as the Cleopatra series that include Cleopatra Gold and Cleopatra Riches, and our afterthought is that the claims that all of the games at SCR888 are of consistently good quality is very true.


Customer Service – 5/5

Upon entering the online casino you will immediately be greeted by a friendly and passionate professional. The customer service team works really hard to provide a satisfying experience for anyone who steps foot into the casino, they are ready to help, answer questions and solve problems 24/7. Both the SCR888 website and the SCR888 mobile app has a live chat function which connects the user straight to a service staff for help. No demands, inquiries or complaints is too much or too specific with a team that is so dedicated to polishing the gaming experience at SCR888. Color us impressed!


Security – 5/5

The security system at SCR888 is flawless. SCR888 being an extremely reputable online casino through word of mouth, and is trusted by almost everyone in the Asian online casino community via promoting a transparent and mutual relationship with their customers aside, SCR888 had also repeatedly assured us that our information is safe with them by constantly seeking accreditation from licensing agents and organizations. Our technical team had nothing but praise for the great lengths that the team at SCR888 would go through to ensure the safety of their casino patrons, now this is a standard that every casino out there should follow. No online gamer should feel that their privacy is at risk when they choose to play games with an online casino.


All in all, we would say SCR888 is a perfect online casino. SCR888 not only set a new standard for future online casinos to follow, but they are also a textbook example on how to run a successful business that everyone can trust, especially online.

You can visit me88 online casino here on the official SCR888 download site.

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