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Meet Don Johnson, the Man Who Has Beaten the Casino

Meet Don Johnson, the Man Who Has Beaten the Casino

Don Johnson, the Man Who Has Beaten the Casino

The story of Don Johnson is one that startles anyone who gets to hear of it. You don’t get an opportunity to bet in nearly all the leading casinos in the world. Well, while that is a feat easily ascribed to Don Jonson, he has ventured yonder. Don Johnson is just about the only man who sends cold chills down the spines of casino owners. In fact, he is just about the only man living, who has had to be stopped by casinos to place a bet. Can you believe it? Here is how Don found himself in this unusual territory.


The $220 000 Check

Don Johnson is by now, by all means, a gambling legend. In fact, he was nominated recently to the Blackjack Hall of fame and beaten the casino. It all started on one Monday night at around 8.00 pm in fall 2010. By this time, Don had been barred from placing bets at Trump Taj Mahal. He says that he actually had the money in the form of a Taj check. He says he called his friend a few blocks down and he was asked to go to the casino with the check. They offered to find a way to cash the check, and they did it. Don soon had a stack of cash denominations on the table in front of him.


Don Johnson and the Grand Scheme

Don is a well-built individual, tall and sports a relaxed look and demeanor around him. Don Johnson of the gambling fame who is beaten the casino has no relationship with Don Johnson the Movie star. He had done what most men would do. He was in the company of some beautiful girls and a couple of his friends. At this point, cards were quickly dealt on the table. There was sufficient drink to grace the occasion. The place was in a party mood. Don seemed composed and at his best. As the dealing went on, it turned out that matters were at fever pitch and the pit-boss failed to notice Don counting the cards, the friend he had come with stealing glimpses at the hole cards of the dealer and another accomplice arranging the deck of cards and signaling him when the strong cards were slated to reach his hands. It was a well-choreographed scheme. The cute girls watching served as the perfect distracters. In addition, they upped their game by also placing small bets. They slipped a card away when the counting went the wrong way. Don says that the girls were not posted on what was unfolding. He says that he only game them money that they used to play with and asked them to join in when he and his team wanted to do a burn up of the cards. He explains that the beauties were also to jump out he wanted to take hold of the cards. He reports that it was the ideal night for him. He says he was placing bets of up to three hands $ 250 each. Don says he had upped the stakes within 2.5 hours to $1.5 million.



Don Johnson was no rookie in the game. He had gambled widely and had come to learn how the house reacts when they were not happy with the way a player is pushing them up the hill. The pit was then full of consternation. Of course, calls were made incessantly. Don noticed and slowed down. He and his team went to Morton’s Restaurant and ordered all manner of delicacies. When Don returned to the betting tables, he had an even bigger crowd this time. It became harder for the House to notice his antics. He glanced at the chip tray and announced naughtily that he wanted to win every check on the tray.


$ 4.23 Million in 7 Hours

After 7 hours of playing, Johnson had lived true to his promise. He had raked in $ 4.23 million. The house cringed and declined to risk chips any further. This was the highest amount he had even won in a single session. Johnson was lucky that the top management of the casino at Caesars was out of town. They were called but they kept underestimating the reports. The greed of the Atlantic City gambling joints allowed Johnson to go all the way. They thought that he was just a sucker before they knew he had walked away with part of their base capital.


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