August 9, 2022
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Where to Download 918Kiss?


918Kiss is now the top-ranking online casino Malaysia. They now boast a hundred thousand players all across the Asian continent, and new players just keep flowing in non-stop on a daily basis. 918Kiss provides exclusive entertainment content to their patrons, all of the games provided by 918Kiss are nothing but spectacular. One example of this is Ocean King, the viral slot game and also the featured slot game of the month on 918Kiss. Not only does the game has amazing graphics and interesting gameplay design, the high profitability of the game is also one of its most attractive aspects. 918Kiss offers an abundance of games, all with the same quality as Ocean King, the wide range of selections that is available on 918Kiss include fishing games, slot games, poker games, baccarat games among all sorts of other unique live table experiences.

918Kiss The Best Online Casino Malaysia

With great online software providers such as Mega888 and Pussy888 partnering up with 918Kiss, you can bet money on the fact that as long as you are playing with 918Kiss, there will not be a single day where you will feel bored.

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To gain unlimited access to all these amazing content available on 918Kiss, all one has to do is to register an account with the online casino. You can see the full 918Kiss review.

How To Sign Up 918Kiss

To do so, you can visit the official 918Kiss website and click on the SIGN UP option. To register an account you will need a username and a password. Your username should be appropriate as it will show up to other players as well, therefore no racial slurs or sensitive words allowed. Your password should consist of a healthy mixture of alphabets and numbers so that hackers will not crack your password easily. Also, no matter what password you choose, it is extremely crucial that you do not share it with anyone else, ever. Once you have both username and password figured out, you should key in your personal info. Your personal info must be correct and true or you will risk getting banned from the online casino. Do not worry, 918Kiss is a reputable online casino that is known to be the most trusted and reliable online casino in the market.

Another option to register an account is by downloading and installing the 918Kiss app into your phone. You can download the 918Kiss app either from Apple or Google play store, or you can download the .apk file of the app from If you download the .apk file on your pc or laptop, you can still transfer the file into your phone via wire transfer. Before the installation process can begin, you will need to go to SETTINGS then select YES when prompted a question on whether to trust ALL CONTINENTAL TRADING SDN BHD.

For more detailed instructions for a successful installation process, visit and follow the instruction step by step. The installation process will not take more than 5 minutes, once it is done, you are good to go. A whole new world of amazing games will open up to you once you join 918Kiss.

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