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Players head to an online casino with a major objective – to win and to claim money from the casino. There is no doubt that the process of which may not be as smooth as you want, but there are ways to do it! Firstly and importantly, if you have experience major inconvenience whilst trying to claim money from an online casino, chances are the casino are trying to stop you from doing so! However, you should also know that there occasionally may just be a legitimate technical issue, as opposed to the casino’s refusal. 


Here we hope to share with you on how you can claim money back from me88 online casino Malaysia, whether it is because you noticed any unauthorized payments or suspicious activities on your card, traced to the online casino, or whether you are having any other issue with money used in relation to online gambling. You can find more information on the suitable methods to ask for funds back from the online casino, depending to the reason the money was taken from you in the first place. 



This unfortunately happens quite often, and to many people. One day where you decide to check your account balance only to find that your balance has depleted significantly without actually making any transactions or purchasing anything. This may be because someone else has your card details, or it might also be a transaction made by someone you know. Regardless of whether it was done by a stranger or not – chances are you would want to try your best to stop it from happening again in the future. 


So what should you do in this scenario if it is related to an online casino? First and foremost you will have to get in touch with your bank. You need to get them to block the card as soon as possible, so as to stop any person from using your card for further unauthorised transactions so that it cannot be made. Later on, you will then be allowed to make a request from the bank for chargebacks for the unauthorised payments. It is quite likely that it will succeed, if the bank finds that it was in fact not you who have made the transaction, of course 



One of the biggest reasons people may want to claim money back from the online casino, is because they have lost more money than they have originally intended, as a result they have regretted their decision which left them with a much lower account balance. In this situation, it is usually the case that they may not be able to do anything, after all it was their own actions leading them to the outcome? If you have in fact authorised the payment, it would probably be a lost cause. 


There is however, an exception to his, which is if you have informed the casino in the past that you wish to completely self-exclude yourself, in which case you would not be able to play at this casino anymore. If you have done so and still manage to play and deposit after you have received confirmation from the online casino that you have been excluded, you might have yourself a case, and subsequently be able to claim back the money that you have lost, after being excluded from the casino. You should take note that the self-exclusion has a limited time frame, in which it will expire after only one day. Furthermore, this will not apply to you if you have managed to register a new account with a different set of details, as the casino will not be held accountable for this. 



There are of course, Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to claiming money back from an online casino. Whilst they are straight forward, they are still worth taking note of:



  1. Please do report all transacations you find in your bank account of which you did not make. No one wants theire details to end up in the wrong hands! 
  2. Set limits! If you are playing on a legitimate online casino, chances are you will be able to set a personal limit for yourself and your games. We strongly reccomend for your to do so in reflection of your financial reality by looking at how much you can afford to lose. This way you will be able to have more fun and do so responsibly, you might just never have to worry too much about losing too much again! 
  3. Only play with legitimate online casinos who comply with all the regulations set, you would not want to be caught in a limbo by being refused the money that you are trying to claim back! 



  1. Please do not report transactions which you have originally authorised, only to find yourself living in regret! Not only that this is not ethical, it will have some pretty severe consequences, of which you might quite likely end up getting banned from the casino! Instead you could take severe losses as a lesson to realize your financial reality and to set a personal limit for yourself next time!


In order to have the best experience playing with an online casino, we hope that all of you would be responsible in your own actions and protect yourself sufficiently to save yourselves from living in regret later on at


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