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How to Choose the Right Slot Game to Play

How to Choose the Right Slot Game to Play

With a wider selection of slot machines now available, choosing the right online slot game to play can be quite tricky and confusing, particularly when you are a beginner. To come up with the right choice, you need some guidelines. 

The following are important considerations you should make to help you in this regard: 

Selecting slots subject to your bankroll

The slot you opt to play will be dictated by your initial budget. In case your gambling budget is smaller, it is recommended that you select a slot that will let you make smaller bets, to avoid depleting your bankroll quickly. This will enable you to extend your game time and also familiarize yourself with the payouts. 

Alaskan Fishing and Ariana Slot are two good examples of the Microgaming slots offering incredible coin sizes, and with bet sizes varying between 0.01 and 0.05, and 0.01 and 0.50, respectively. When you play with a bigger amount, you can choose slots that need higher bets per spin. Normally, such types of games are meant for higher roller who enjoys the highest returns on the bets placed. 

Slot types

It is important for you as a gambler to know what kinds of online slots are available.  You should bear in mind that the internet is changing. As such, the traditional 3-reel slots are quite different from the modern slots. You should consider the current slots as their games feature more pay lines.  They differ from the traditional slots in that they are based on 5 or 6 pay lines. 

Choosing a slots theme

The multiple slots available online making the process of choosing a slots theme pretty easy. You can select from the thousands of slots which are all created with a particular theme in mind. Slots are actually based on popular movies, for instance, the Microgaming’s extremely popular Bridesmaids slot, a medium variation, as well as 5 reel & 40 payline game derived from the 2011 comedy hit.  You can pick slots that are oceanic, ancient Egypt, disco, food, 8-bit video games, Western themes, fantasy and adventure based, and more.  

When it comes to slots themes, software developers have ensured that every base is covered. This makes it a lot easier for you to merely click and play the specific themes that interest you.   

Slot bonuses

When playing slots online, slot bonuses actually add to the fun aspect.  Certain symbols, for instance, the scatter or wild, which appear on the reels, usually activate these bonus rounds. Games such as Castle Builder Slot Game provide an exceptional bonus structure that is “level-based”.  This game has a ‘Save Game’ option as well which lets you save your progression as you move on. 

Not all slots have the same bonus rounds. They differ and specific games can actually support small bonus games which require you to pick an icon to disclose a concealed prize. Also, slot bonuses might either assist you to win hugely or hand you free spins that considerably add to your budget. Thunderstruck 2 is a perfect working example. Although it is totally up to you to choose a slot with bonuses or minus bonuses, they can surely be much fun. 

Play on mobile or desktop?

The slot games you choose will depend on whether you prefer to be playing at home on your desktop or on the go, on your mobile.  If you plan to play a bit on both, then choose a game like Golden Goddess or Starburst that works on both devices.