October 7, 2022




Online casinos like me88 are the favorite platform for players since the lockdown of casinos worldwide. me88 online casino games operate just like real life casinos, and winnings are generated by the random number generators.

Random number generators are in fact essential to the success of the online gaming industry. Without these random number generators, online gaming wouldn’t be fun and fair to play.

For online casinos to possess the amount of fun found in land-based casinos, the random number generator has to be available.

At real-life casinos, dealers make the cards unpredictable by shuffling them. This is done for games like the blackjack using a single deck after every hand.

At me88 online casino Malaysia, instead of shuffling, random number generators are used. These random number generators are essentially mathematical algorithms used to guarantee every dice rolled or card dealt on the online casinos are totally random. 

The simple definition of a random number generator is nothing other than “it’s a computer program that spits out game results at random.

There are several random number generators used for several purposes, but the one used by online casinos are called pseudorandom number generators, they make the game fairer and less predictable.

According to popular belief, random number generators aren’t used by only online casinos like mega888, offline casinos use them for some specific games like the virtual roulette or blackjack games.

It’s also used for video slots, keno, and video poker machines, to randomize the results. 

The algorithm used to power random number generators create a long string of random numbers automatically, but the series of the random numbers created are determined by a fixed number ” Seed”.

Developers of the RNG can control and make games random by manipulating the “seed” to generate thousands of different outcomes in minutes

PseudoRandom Number Generators initially came into the casino sphere as a modern way to run slot machines.

Originally, slots used a physical reel to select which symbols would land on certain pay lines to create the winning combos.

Today, with the advancement of technology and the increase in the number of players, online slots like the ones found in mega888 can be played over several pay lines and need a better and faster method to randomize results.

RNGs come in quite handy.

They make the games fair, honest, and fun to play. The truth is this, the old fashioned way wouldn’t be adequate to handle this much complexity, online gaming wouldn’t even be possible without the Random Number Generators.

The real question, however, has always been if people can cheat RNGs? In theory, yes. But in reality, just a few people have been able to pull that off, the most popular one got a lengthy prison sentence. 

Ron Harris was his name and he made thousands of dollars predicting the outcome of results generated by random number generators.

Apparently, he was a computer programmer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Board. He won a lot of money using his program to play keno.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but served 2.

Random Number Generators have a 99% accuracy and since these incidents, RNGs have to be verified by third party regulators before it’s released for our online mega888 casino.

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