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Everything About Hollywood Casino Reopening On June 2020

Everything About Hollywood Casino Reopening On June 2020

After a 3 months coronavirus total shutdown of the Hollywood casino; the lockdown status finally goes green on Friday, June 19th 2020 at 6.a.m. The sad thing about it is that things will definitely not remain the same due to the pandemic that is affecting the whole world…despite that, i think everyone is excited about this reopening.


New rules have been made at Hollywood casino regarding it’s scheduled reopening after a tour of the property by the vice president and general manager Dan Ihm and Susan O’Connell. Coronavirus mitigation practices has been put in place as Dauphin County enters another phase of Gov Tom Wolf’s reopening.


After the reopening on Friday, the casino will run from 7a.m daily – 3a.m and it’ll close for the day at that 3a.m and reopen by 7a.m…this is to ensure the deep cleaning and sanitisation of the whole casino to ensure the safety of everyone that walks in and out.


And speaking of safety measures, there are new protocols everyone should observe as long as you find yourself at Hollywood casino. You should know everything about this new rules even before you walk in.

So, this article is in your favour because right here we are going to look into the the necessary information you need to know about Hollywood casino reopening.


Are there specific areas of the building that’ll be opened?

The guests will have assess to just two levels – the casino floor which will be for betting and the third floor which will be for simulcast or live horse racing.


How will i enter the casino?

There are two options – either you queue up at the front entrance or at the parking garage entrance.

The number of people using the elevator will be limited, so just two parking garage floors will be open

There will be temperature checks at the entrance and a few health-related questions.

You just have to get used to it for now and not find it offensive because health is wealth and it shouldn’t stop you from having fun.


Is the use of face mask compulsory?

Yes of course!

You can’t enter the casino without it and make sure you’re constantly wearing it except when you want to drink and smoke.

Everyone in the building puts it on, from the employees to dealers and guests.


How many guests are allowed inside at once?

The reopening plan cut down the total number of building capacity guests by 50%.

This is roughly 3,500 people that will be allowed to stay inside.

If you come when these amount of people are inside the casino, I’m sorry you’ll have to wait for a while to get in.


Live music and entertainment will remain suspended for now.

Sanitizer stations will be installed on the casino floor and be readily available throughout the facility.

Restaurant offerings will be limited to – Take 2 grill, Zen Noodle, and o.h sports bar…they will adhere to all restaurant state protocol and social distancing.


Finally, we should try on our part to cooperate with these rules because the authorities are doing their best to bring back the fun and at the same time they’re putting our health and safety into consideration.