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Casino Bets to Avoid

Casino Bets to Avoid

You Must Avoid These Casino Bets

Online casinos give players a safe place to enjoy their favorite casino games, and the real chance to win some big bucks. Unfortunately, there is also the chance to lose a lot of money at online casinos. Avoiding these common rookie mistakes will help you keep your bank roll fat.


The Side Wager

A side wager is typically offered in the game Caribbean Stud. This casino bets seems extremely appealing. Players only have to spend one dollar to get in the jackpot, but the house edge is so high that it does not usually help players actually win. Instead, the jackpot gets larger to entice more players to spend that dollar. Over time, this all adds up, and players still do not have a significantly higher chance of winning.


Keno Bets

Keno is a great way to relax at the end of the day. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting at the computer with a fresh game at the online casino. On the other hand, this is not a great way to win money. Most of the time, the house edge is over 30%, which gives players little chance to win any real money with Keno. Instead of spending money on Keno bets, players are encouraged to keep their bank roll for other games and simply enjoy a relaxing night if they are up for some Keno.


Avoid Propositions in Craps

Propositions is a bet that means specific numbers are rolled. This might seem like a game of chance, and that there is a great chance to win, but often the pay out is significantly low and the chances of winning are even lower. Other bets on craps games are a great way to go, but players are advised to avoid propositions bets.


Insurance Bet in Blackjack

The insurance bet in Blackjack is one thing that dealers will offer randomly, especially to new players. This is because experienced players know that this bet is just a way for the casino to get your bank roll. The bet depends on the dealer drawing an Ace, and the chances of that happening are already low. This bet might be known as an insurance bet, but it doesn’t provide the insurance that its name claims it will. Instead, it increases the house edge and helps players go broke quicker than they normally would.

There is nothing that beats playing a nice game from the comfort of their couch. Beginners usually like to get their feet wet in the casino world with some familiar games, or at least games that are not complicated, such as Keno and Blackjack. Casinos are well aware that these are common choices for beginners and attempt to take advantage of that with these sucker bets.

Instead of falling for the hype that dealers and casinos might put out about how awesome these bets are, avoid them at all costs. Taking casinos up on these offers will only result in you losing your bank roll before you have the chance to move to another game. 


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