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Online casinos have become the go-to entertainment platform for people who want to wind down and get some fun during this unending lockdown.


Just like the rest of the world, physical casinos have been closed since the coronavirus pandemic became a thing, prompting players to move to online casinos to seek fun and win money.


However, a shocking move in June 2020 saw the Cambodia police block 6 online casino websites. Shocking news to casino owners in Cambodia, prompting online casino operators to ask the burning question, “are we next in line to get blocked”.


The National Police chief of Cambodia has ordered the Central Security Department of the Nation to clamp down on gambling sites and bring them to justice.


According to Neth Savoeun; the National Police Chief of Cambodia, online gambling sites are mostly operated by Chinese nationals and are used to launder money, hide assets for terrorists, and the mafia.


The government of the Cambodia nation issued a statement on Monday banning all kinds of gambling sites citing the ills of gambling as a reason for placing a ban on gambling websites throughout the country.


Cambodia is famed for its many gambling casinos and exotic tourist destinations. Most tourists will visit Cambodia for its casinos, these tourists are mostly Chinese citizens.



The ministry of posts and telecommunication in a collaborative effort with the police and the central security department have blocked six online casino sites with the police chief demanding the identity of the gaming platforms.


The police believe these online gambling operations have ringleaders abroad and a vast network in the country. According to the national police spokesperson, Chhay Kim Khoeun the police is sourcing information about the gambling operators and will release their information to the general public as soon as they get it.


Intelligence reports however suggest that these websites are run abroad and not in Cambodia. But they have to operate a network locally to make it work.


“If there was no network in the country, it would not be possible to conduct the business.”


The telecommunication regulators of Cambodia are trying to pinpoint the source of the online casinos. According to the spokesperson of the TRC, “we are aware the websites are run abroad, but we are unsure which country it’s been run from”.



“We block them gradually but we don’t block them completely. We have no right to block the websites because they are foreign websites,” he said.


The concern by the government lies in the fact that gamblers in Cambodia can still gain access to these gambling sites even when they are blocked. All they need is to use certain tools and software.


There is no way to entirely block these online casinos, it takes a long time and effort to completely block them, but it will be an effort worth it.



The country has been plagued with crimes and gang violence associated with the mafia. The country is trying to clean up and the best place to start is gambling and online casinos.