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Arguably The Best Striker of His Generation, Robin Van Persie, is Signed-up by BK8 as Their Official Brand Ambassador for 2019-2020

Arguably The Best Striker of His Generation, Robin Van Persie, is Signed-up by BK8 as Their Official Brand Ambassador for 2019-2020

Former Manchester United player and the top goal scorer of all time for the national team of Netherlands, Robin Van Persie, has signed a contract with BK8.com and has now become their official brand ambassador. Mediapro Asia has helped them in this sensational collaboration.

Now, as per this agreement, the sporting platform will have all the image rights of Van Persie in the countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Along with this, the organization can create branded content around Robin Van Persie and market the content in the countries mentioned above. One of the main goals of this deal is to gain more members and followers for BK8.com. The football fans and the fans of Van Persie will definitely get attracted to the website.

The legend of the game Van Persie is elated to be signed up as the brand ambassador of Bk8.com and is looking forward to making the brand famous in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. He has also said that he would love this partnership to last long.

BK8 has gotten into sports sponsorship programs, and who better than the legend himself, Robin Van Persie, could have been the starting milestone to achieve for the company? With his involvement in the company, their marketing efforts are surely going to give them a fantastic result in the coming year.

The general manager of BK8, Lawrance Wayneson, said, “We’re very excited to have successfully signed Robin Van Persie as our official brand ambassador for 2019-20. The gaming industry will now see the results of our deal, and this deal will definitely provide us remarkable additional support to engage with the real fans of this sport.” He also added that, “BK8 is looking to extend its brand as a high-level gaming platform, and this deal with Van Persie is going to help us achieve our dreams.”

BK8 is not a new player in this arena. Having organized one of the most popular futsal tournaments, the BK8 cup, the company has already a working model in place. Bk8 cup was received with great warmth by the viewers and sponsors. With the addition of Van Persie in their side, BK8 is now going to organize more significant events in the coming year. These events may take place in Thailand and Indonesia, where Robin Van Persie is scheduled to travel in 2020.

Mediapro Asia has brought together BK8 and Robin Van Persie for this remarkable deal. It is the official Asian arm of the mother Mediapro organization. After this deal, there are more such partnerships in line with Mediapro and BK8.com.


As per the reports, Lars Heidenreich (MD, Mediapro Asia) has said that this partnership has opened-up the gate of many opportunities to work with BK8 in the future. He added, “Bk8 is the fastest growing sports brand in Asia, and their partnership with the top goalscorer is only going to benefit all the parties involved.”