July 3, 2022
5 Mega888 Online Slots Questions With Answers

5 Mega888 Online Slots Questions With Answers at me88 online casino

5 Mega888 Online Slots Questions With Answers at me88 online casino

Everyday we wake up to a huge pile of emails and what are the major contents of this email!? Questions! Questions!! Questions!!! Honestly mega888 takes any type of questions, always feel free to ask about anything at all you don’t understand…

So the best way to give answers to all of these questions at once is giving timely answers for different categories of questions we receive and most times its based on popular demand too. So we are going to dive right into answering some of these questions we’ve been getting so far from our members and non-member too.

Now, here are the 5 major mega888 slots questions at me88 online casino with their respective answers; we hope that you find them helpful enough…


Do games with free spins usually pay more than games with pick’em bonuses?

Lol, apparently they don’t pay more. They pay differently.

There’s just some level of variation that exists within each type of game. But usually pick’em bonuses are designed to give you extra time on your device.

The bonuses are not that big, but trust me they’re fun enough to keep you glued to your seat.

Free spin bonuses are wilder rides on the other hand. You could win lots of credits with them at a time while some other times you win little or nothing. While pick’em are more popular, free spins gives a more volatile experience.


Are there withdrawal limits in mega888?

Oh yes! You won’t only encounter set withdrawal limits at mega888 but other online casinos too. The withdrawals could be daily, weekly, or monthly but the amount to be withdrawn in one hit from your bankroll will be restricted to a certain amount.

We also offer exclusive limits to higher rolling players to allow them withdraw more cash than a standard occasional player.


Why are mega888 slots so addictive?

Let’s start with the simplicity of our games. You just need to bet and tell the game when to select a random outcome; like, it was just designed in such a way that you don’t have to stress over it, the games are automated you just need to initiate the action you want.

The developers did their best too in providing the best features that can keep the players motivated to do more. This includes displaying your pay line outcomes on your screen so that you could know when your so close to bigger wins, it makes you want to play more.


Is it cool to prefer table games to slot games?

We get this question most times with a usual “am i missing out on anything” at the end.

Well, truth be told – you aren’t missing out on anything at all. It’s ok to prefer using strategy to win a game than to wish the odds fall in your favour.


Is there a secret to winning mega888 slot games?

Don’t pay attention to any ebook or experts that tell you how to control the outcome of our slot machines. There is absolutely no secret to winning slots, it’s a game of chance. And mega888 slot machines use a random number generator.

We are glad you now know some of the answers to these frequently asked questions on mega888…so why don’t you get back to spinning the reels and winning more bucks on mega888 slot machines. Visit us now at

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